Intro to Scrum

This presentation aims to introduce the core concepts of Scrum, its history, and why it works where other methodologies have failed.

Downloads: [Power Point]   [PDF]


Intro to User Stories

Effective User Stories are a cornerstone for successful sprints. Learn the basics of the structure and essential content every good User Story must have (and not have.)

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Understanding Story Point estimations

Much has been written about the nature and use of Story Point assignment in terms of development estimation for User Stories, but rarely can one find a defined scale which is used on a practical basis; here you have just such a scale and definitions which Minerva Group scrum teams use as a basis of their Story Point estimations.


Business value engineering

Minerva Group has developed an Excel spreadsheet tool to help business Product Owners define, organize, and visualize the relative value of their software engineering efforts.

All instructions for use are contained on the first page. The tool may be downloaded here.


Design and Production considerations with Scrum

The scrum / sprint cycle works exceptionally well for functional software development but does not lend itself well to two other important project considerations, namely i) graphic design & layout and ii) initial production environment implementation.   This article discusses why and suggests approaches to handle them appropriately around the scrum context.