Social networking based discovery and suggestion engine.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails 4.x, Bootstrap, JQuery, Isotope & Packery visualization engines, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
Integrations: Shopify, Spree, Linked-in, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
iOS & Android apps.


Performance based advertising system and mobile apps.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails 4.x, ThinkingSphynx, Bootstrap, JQuery, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
Integrations: Paypal, Groupon, Living Social, Fandango
iOS & Android apps.

WeDidIt! Crowdfunding

Non-profit campaign contribution collection and management system using the "crowdsourcing" based finance model.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Amazon S3, Amazon FPS, PayPal, WePay, JQuery, OmniAuth signle sign-on, Adobe Air, Facebook Open Graph API, Twitter API

Click Save Give

Daily deals shopping and revenue sharing system for non-profits and individuals.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, JQuery, OmniAuth signle sign-on

Affiliate network API integrations: Linkshare, Commision Junction, Google Affiliate Network

Anthem marketing email management

Email marketing management intranet with state machine, wizard based content and recipient building.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, JQuery, SendGrid, SVG / JS statistical graphing

Do You Remember

Nostalgia based social networking site

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, JQuery, OmniAuth signle sign-on, Google Image API, Facebook API & authentication

If You Say Yes

Invitation based friendship and dating social networking site

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, JQuery, OmniAuth signle sign-on, Facebook Open Graph API & authentication

Statistical reporting: Fynanz, Inc.

Internal statistical reporting system for a financial services company encompassing operations, sales, market participation and other reports. Dynamic graph generation based on multivariable queries. System was packaged and delivered as a "drop in" solution for their legacy production system.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AJAX, SVG graphing, Rails Engines

Essence of Vali

Custom E-commerce implementation and theme development in WordPress.

Technologies: WordPress 3, WP-E-commerce, PHP, JQuery

Media Monitoring

Statistical analysis platform focused on U.S. government agencies and federal, state, and local politicians and functionaries. The system allows for complex and custom statistical graphing comparison of various metrics including Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, and media mentions as well as personalized daily reports.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AJAX, SVG graphing, ActiveMerchant, Authorize.net


Virual PBX telephony system with hierarchical caller menu system and end user call routing and availability scheduling.
Fully integrated web iterface.

Technologies: Asterisk, Adhearsion, Ruby on Rails, AJAX


Multi-lingual, international real estate portal with multi-dimentional input criteria and advanced search capabilities. Highly customizable co-branding front-end, property publishing & management, with concise metric reporting and marketing tools for real estate professionals.

Technologies: PHP, Perl, AJAX, Bash, Imagemagick

Video publishing platform

Content video and Ad management, publishing, and reporting system with financial module and Flex based desktop uploading system. Dynamically customized Flash video players with automated tag publishing system.

Technologies: Rails, Ruby, Perl, AJAX, Flash, Flex, XML


E-card portal utilizing Google Application Engine as the application platform and datastore.
Minerva Group maintains and enhances the system although not having developed it initially.

Technologies: Django, Python, Google App Engine, AJAX, Flash

Charity Harvest

User charity donation management system utilizing an internal, secure messaging module. Extensible reporting system for varying time periods and metrics.

Technologies: Rails, Ruby, AJAX, Imagemagick


Canine service provider and owner portal providing multi-dimensional searching, an advanced booking system (with iCal integration), and independent provider billing reporting and invoice generation. Storefront and recurring subscription payments integrated with PayPay Webstie Payments Pro.
Layout provided by Minerva Group by logo and navigation icon design provided by third party.

Technologies: Rails, Ruby, AJAX, Imagemagick

Design Alfano

Flash based, bilingual showcase of various projects for this industrial and interior design studio.

Technologies: PHP, Flash